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About Kiowa Creek Outfitters

About Kiowa Creek Outfitters


What to Expect With Kiowa Creek Outfitters

My wife and I started Kiowa Creek Outfitters in 2004 bringing clients out to hunt on private ranches and staying in our basement.  We have been blessed to be able to expand to now have a lodge for our hunting friends to stay in.  My wife often says our outfitting business is a lifestyle choice and it truly is.  We get to hunt with our clients and work with our ranching community. We have always been based out of Elbert Colorado and have relationships with ranchers that lease to us for hunting.  Our ranchers look to us to help keep an eye on their property and livestock. We promise to treat their ranches as we would our own.  We love the outdoors, hunting and wildlife.  

We are expanding east and southeast to game units 122 / 146 / 137 as well as always looking for available land to hunt in 104 / 105  and 106.

Our Crew - Kiowa Creek Outfitters is a group effort between friends and their families drawn together by their shared passion for the outdoors and guiding.

Hunting is not just a hobby for this crew; it's a way of life. We "cut our teeth" hunting western big game at an early age…it's in our blood. We feel very fortunate to live and hunt in an area that grows some of the biggest mulies and elk in the country, and we enjoy sharing that experience with others.